Herbst: Why is Denise Nappier Hiding?

content TRUMBULL, CT- Tim Herbst, Republican Candidate for State Treasurer, made the following statement regarding Denise Nappier’s decision not to attend tonight’s Hartford Votes Forum:

canadian pharmacy cytotec “For Ms. Nappier to withdraw on the morning of our first and only debate gives me great cause for concern,” said Herbst. “I understand Ms. Nappier is citing ‘personal reasons’ for her absence, and my hope is that whatever they are she is able to overcome them and join me in the remaining 29 days to discuss the critical issues facing our state.”

“Ms. Nappier has been silent on the campaign trail, but more importantly, she has been silent during the last four years while this state has gone into insurmountable debt, while the pension fund is facing bankruptcy and pensioners and Connecticut families are looking to elected leaders for answers,” said Herbst.

“What concerns me most is that Ms. Nappier has been unable to demonstrate to Connecticut residents why she deserves another term in office,” added Herbst. “I am genuinely concerned for her well-being and I think Ms. Nappier needs to let the families of Connecticut know whether she is physically and emotionally able to carry out her duties managing $26 billion of assets.”

Tim Herbst will still be appearing at tonight’s Candidate Forum to talk about his plans to tackle the most important issues facing our state.