http://bitcoinsgreece.com/2015/07/fearing-return-to-drachma-some-greeks-use-bitcoin-to-dodge-capital-controls/ where can i buy viagra in adelaide TRUMBULL, CT– With only two weeks left in the campaign for State Treasurer, Democrat incumbent Denise Nappier has failed to provide e-mails requested on August 25, 2014 through the Freedom of Information Act.

“With a very narrow scope, the campaign asked for specific e-mail traffic between Ms. Nappier and her staff but has been denied access to these public documents,” said JR Romano, spokesman for the Tim Herbst’s campaign for State Treasurer.

“Ms. Nappier has failed to meet even minimal standards for transparency in government,” said Romano. “She hasn’t communicated with the media or with voters and now she’s failing to comply with a simple FOI request. What is she hiding?”

“In a recent ad, Ms. Nappier claims she brought integrity back the treasurer’s office, but her actions would suggest otherwise,” said Romano. “The state of Connecticut is facing an $80 billion unfunded liability, state residents and pensioners have a right to know what is going on in her office.”

A Freedom Of Information complaint was filed with the FOI Commission on Sept 29, 2014 but no hearing has been set.

“It should not take the intervention of the FOI Commission for Ms. Nappier to comply with a simple request,” added Romano. “It would seem Ms. Nappier is trying to hide until November in hopes the voters don’t find out how she’s running our state’s finances into the ground,” concluded Romano.