where to order prednisone TRUMBULL, CT – Today Bridgeport Attorney Robert Russo filed a cease and desist letter with WVIT, WTNH, WFSB and FOXCT regarding Denise Nappier’s negative television ad, which makes a false claim about Tim Herbst father’s employment with the Town of Trumbull as a teacher and Athletic Director. “Mr. Herbst has been an educator, coach and administrator serving the Town of Trumbull for decades. To use a political campaign to impugn his integrity is just wrong,” according to JR Romano spokesman for Tim Herbst, candidate for State Treasurer.

“Ms. Nappier and her campaign have shown a disdain for the political process during the entirety of this campaign,” added Romano. “When you can’t explain to the voters what you’ve done, and what you plan to do – all you’re left with are personal attacks, but to levy these attacks against Tim’s father is just uncalled for.”

“Why won’t Ms. Nappier answer questions about the way she’s conducted business in her office? Why can’t she answer for the sub-par performance of the pension funds? Why has she left teachers and state retirees wondering whether they will be able to rely on a pension in the future?” asked Romano.

“The answers to these questions are pretty obvious and Connecticut voters deserve much better than the kind of campaign Ms. Nappier is running and the service she’s rendered in her sixteen years in office,” concluded Romano.

A copy of the letter sent to each station is below:

October 21, 2014

Re: Nappier Campaign Commercial against Timothy Herbst
To Whom This May Concern:

I am writing to request that your station stop airing the negative advertisement the “Denise L. Nappier for State Treasurer” campaign (“Nappier”) is running against Timothy Herbst, a candidate for State Treasurer. As can be easily verified by the enclosed minutes of the Trumbull Board of Education, the Advertisement contains clearly false information deliberately intended to misrepresent that Mr. Herbst gave his father Michael Herbst a job in the Trumbull School system after he retired. Mr. Herbst had neither the power to do so, nor was he in any way involved in any decisions involving his father’s employment. Because the Advertisement conveys messages that are plainly disproven by fact, we respectfully demand that your station immediately stop airing the Advertisement and that no further airings of this false content be allowed on your station.

In sum, the Advertisement’s central claim is false, misleading, and defamatory. Voters in any election deserve to cast their vote knowing the truth about their candidates – and the airing of this Advertisement represents a willful and knowing attempt by Nappier to color Mr. Herbst’s record.

This political and personal attack by Nappier against Mr. Herbst does not constitute a “candidate use,” and your station is under no obligation to keep it on the air. On the contrary, as a broadcast licensee, your station has a duty to review and eliminate any false, misleading, or deceptive materials contained in advertising.

We respectfully demand that your station immediately cease the airing of this false Advertisement and further request that you reject any attempts by the sponsor of this Advertisement to purchase time for the future airing of this Advertisement because of its material misstatements of fact and defamatory nature.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience at (203) 254-7579 to advise as to your station’s actions(s) with respect to cessation of the airing of this advertisement.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. I will anticipate your immediate response.
Robert D. Russo

Attorney at Law