Sen Markley on Tolls in CT

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Footnote:  “People who support tolls almost always cite the out-of-staters we could make pay. As I said in the video, according to the DOT the maximum out of state traffic on our limited access highways is 25% (they estimate it at 20 to 25%). I happened to read an analysis by DRS which says that 24.1% of the sales tax is paid by people and businesses from out of state–as is 22.7% of the property tax, 21.7% of the excise tax, 28.5% of the gross earnings tax… In other words, tolls don’t bring in out of state income at a higher rate than most other taxes. The difference is, when you stand in line at Macy’s, the person ahead of you doesn’t have a tag on his back telling you where he’s from.”

Conclusion: buy clomid in london Tolls are not a solution to what is wrong with CT