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Sen. Logan: GOP plan restores Gov. Malloy’s December Cuts to Local Education $$$

Sen. George S. Logan on Feb. 7 applauded the Connecticut Senate and House Republicans’ plan to reinstate nearly $20 million in education funding that was cut midyear to cities and towns throughout the state.

The Republican proposal would allow the state to restore Education Cost Sharing funding that was cut by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s administration in December and also close the current budget deficit of $11.9 million as estimated by the Office of Fiscal Analysis.

“The December cuts to towns were unfair,” Sen. Logan said. “Local officials should be able to plan on what their state education funding should be. This is what I hear over and over again when talking to area mayors and first selectmen. My top priority is to protect Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge. Our Republican plan restores the cuts, and I will continue to fight to protect local education funding and property taxpayers.”

The plan can be viewed at

Sen. Logan can be reached at and at 800 842-1421. He represents Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Derby, Hamden, Naugatuck and Woodbridge. On the web:

Remove income tax on Social Security

From State Senator George Logan:

Should Connecticut get rid of the state’s personal income tax on Social Security benefits?

Should Connecticut get rid of the state’s personal income tax on Social Security benefits?

I think so!

If you agree, here’s how you can join me in speaking out in favor of providing tax relief to seniors across Connecticut.

A hearing will be held on Bill No.

Those wishing to submit testimony in favor of the bill can do the following:

1. Email your comment
2. In the email’s subject line, put “Support Bill 6987” .
3. Include your name and town.
4. If you wish, copy me on the email at

Vote Vote Vote Vote

On November 5th, 2019 don’t forget to vote.    Vote Republican. This election will determine the future of our country and our state.

The polls are open from 6 AM to 8 PM.   To find your polling place go to

Help our Hamden Candidates WIN in 2019

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Salmin Hamid- 8th District

Marjorie Bonadies- 9th District

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Marjorie Bonadies to run for 88th District State Representative


Hamden Legislative Councilwoman Marjorie Bonadies (R-9) who is serving as minority leader has announced plans to run for the Connecticut General Assembly seat being vacated by Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey. Bonadies announced her intentions to run at the Hamden Republican Town Committee meeting on Tuesday night. Republican Town Chairwoman Holly Bryk said she is ecstatic that someone of Councilwoman Bonadies caliber and experience has thrown their hat into the ring. “Anyone who knows Marjorie knows she will put 100% effort into her campaign and if elected will be an outstanding public servant for Hamden” Bryk said in a statement.

Councilwoman Bonadies, first elected to the Hamden Legislative Council in 2013, and re-elected last year to a 2nd term representing West Woods and portions of Mt. Carmel, said that the recent budget deliberations that produced a significant mill rate increase on Hamden residents is her main reason for running. She said if elected she will be an advocate for Hamden, fighting for additional Educational Cost Sharing funds. “Hamden taxpayers pay out millions of dollars in state income taxes each year and we receive back close to 25 cents on a dollar. Clearly the Democratic majority isn’t getting the job done- This directly impacts the mill rate increases we are seeing at the town level. Something needs to change and I want to be that voice for change.”

Bonadies said that the Republican caucus in the General Assembly needs more “NO votes” in Hartford to hold accountable Governor Malloy for his reckless governing style. Whomever the Hamden Democrats nominate for the seat will be nothing but a rubber stamp for the unpopular Malloy administration” Bonadies said.
Bonadies added that Hamden’s state delegation is unanimously controlled by the Democrats. The 88th District hasn’t had a Republican representative since the 1990s. Clearly a new voice and different perspective is needed.

Marjorie, originally from neighboring Cheshire, is married to Dr. John Bonadies, a Hamden Native, and local surgeon serving Hamden residents for over 20 years. “We have two college-age children and are presiding over an empty nest”. Marjorie, herself is a registered nurse having attended Boston University and Newton-Wellesley Hospital School of Nursing. “I’ve worked for over a decade in every hospital department, now I work with my husband in an outpatient setting so health care is a major issue. My style of governing reflects the way I approach nursing care. I recognize a problem and immediately go to work to mitigate the fallout. Things often get worse when symptoms are ignored just as in government fildena from canada online. Kicking the can down the road is not an option for me”.

Marjorie’s campaign web site

Response to Mayor Leng’s Tax Hike

As the Hamden Republican Party’s newly elected chair, my desire is to share with Hamden’s residents a perspective that differentiates the philosophy of governing between Republicans and Democrats. In an article recently appearing in the New Haven Register, Mayor Leng admitted that mistakes were made during the revaluation process but the “onus” lies with the taxpayer to bring the mistake to the town; unfortunately the deadline was March 18, 2016 and if a taxpayer has discovered an error, the time has passed to right the wrong.

Mayor Leng also laments about 7 million dollars in property taxes that the Town of Hamden “should” be getting in tax revenue from Quinnipiac University, however we never were eligible to receive that tax revenue to begin with because they are a tax exempt entity and fall under the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) program. Mayor Leng states that the 1.2 Million dollar gift from Quinnipiac University is not going to be repeated this year. The town’s support of Speaker of the House Brendan Sharkey’s bill to tax Quinnipiac University on homes they have purchased is the reason. This bill was short-sided and created an approximate $750,000 deficit in the budget. Essentially the Town traded a 1.2 million dollar gift for $350,000 in tax revenue. The town is looking to Quinnipiac University as a scape goat while also looking for a bail out.

As Republicans, we would work pro-actively to identify discrepancies in the revaluation process, putting the “onus” on the government rather than on the taxpayer. With regard to Quinnipiac University we understand that they are a vital member of our community. Quinnipiac University is the largest employer in Hamden, increasing economic activity. Quinnipiac provides quality education, excellent sports programs, student outreach services, and a scholarly environment for the community to benefit from. The Quinnipiac polling station is known nationwide and puts Hamden on the map. Rather than treating the university as an adversary, we need to embrace them as a partner.

Holly A. Bryk, MBA
Hamden Republican Town Committee