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RTC Member Ann Balogh Appointed to Ethics Commission

The Hamden Republican Town Committee is proud to announce that one of its members, Ann Balogh of Still Hill Road has been appointed to serve on Hamden’s Board of Ethics.

“Ann is very qualified for this position and I am happy to see that she was appointed by the Mayor and unanimously approved by the Town Council. Ann’s record of public service is exemplary and she will serve the Town very well,” said Matt Corcoran, Chairman of the Hamden Republican Town Committee.

Hamden’s Board of Ethics is charged with adopting standards of ethics for Town employees, receiving and investigating complaints of ethical violations, and rendering advisory opinions to the Mayor.
“I would encourage all Republicans in Town to seek out available positions on town commissions and to actively participate in town government,” Corcoran said.

Candidate in 94th district promises to bring ‘balance’ to Hamden, New Haven

“Len Caplan, the Republican nominee for the 94th District, says taxpayers in Hamden, who share the district with New Haven, have been poorly served in Hartford.

Caplan is running against five Democrats who are also seeking the seat to replace Gary Holder-Winfield in a special election Thursday.

 “I hope to bring some balance to the Connecticut General Assembly,” Caplan said in a statement. Democrats continue to hold the majority of seats in both the House and state Senate. “

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Lifelong Resident of Hamden, 303 Belden Road, 203-387-6964

  • Graduate of Hamden Public School System
  • Graduate of Southern Connecticut State University, BS, MS
  • Former Teacher, New Haven Public School System
  • Treasurer, American Federation of Teachers
  • Retired Connecticut State Employee
  • Department of Motor Vehicles, Dept. of Special Revenue
  • Former Treasurer and Member of Hamden Rotary
  • Greater Hamden Plains Community Association, Member
  • Former State Representative of Hamden’s 91st District
  • Hamden Board of Education Member
  • Hamden Economic Development Commission
  • Hamden Republican Town Committee, Treasurer and Member
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Assistant Registrar of Voters, Hamden 2nd District


Thursday, April 24th VOTE 1A

GOP Caucus Reacts to Mayor’s Proposed Budget

On Tuesday March 18, 2014, Hamden Mayor Scott D. Jackson presented his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014/2015 to the Legislative Town Council at the Memorial Town Hall to mixed reviews.

“I appreciate the Mayor’s effort to hold the line on spending. However, I am looking forward to carefully scrutinizing this budget for further areas of savings to avoid yet another tax increase on Hamden residents,” said Austin T. Cesare (R-At Large).

The Republican members of the Town Council were critical of the several new town job positions submitted in the proposed budget.

The proposed budget would add such new town positions as a Traffic Calming Specialist, a Program Specialist for Public Information and a new technology department headed by a Chief Information Officer.

“We are going to closely examine these new jobs during the budget process. Should the taxpayers really be asked to pay for a press secretary? We see no need to grow the town government, when we can’t afford the town government we already have.” said Marjorie Bonadies (R-9).

Betty Wetmore (R-At Large) was also critical of the proposed budget. “I’m not happy with all these new jobs.” Wetmore said.

“Any new positions will be carefully evaluated to determine if they are truly needed,” said Austin T. Cesare (R-At Large), the Council’s minority leader.

Len Caplan Selected As Republican Candidate for Special Election in the 94th District

On Tuesday March 18, 2014, Len Caplan, was selected as the Republican Candidate for the 94th District Special Election for State Assembly.

“I look forward to a spirited campaign debating the issues. There is no question that the taxpayers of Hamden have been poorly served by Hartford and I hope to bring some balance to the Connecticut General Assembly,” Caplan said.

With the resignation of Gary Holder-Winfield (D) following his victory in the State Senate’s Special Election for the 10th District – following the resignation of current New Haven Mayor Toni Harp (D) from the Tenth State Senate District seat – a Special Election has been scheduled for Thursday, April 24, 2014.

“We are extremely pleased to have a candidate with the qualifications of Len Caplan. Len is an experienced legislator and his common sense approach has been missed in Hartford. It is important that Republicans compete for every district and we will work hard to get Len elected,” said Matt Corcoran of the Hamden Republican Town Committee.

Caplan, a lifelong resident of Hamden, is currently the treasurer of the Hamden Republican Town Committee and served as a State Representative for Hamden from 1977-1978.

Caplan expressed support for the residents of southern Hamden and Woodin Street who have worked to maintain the Woodin Street fence. In 2013, both Mayoral candidates and a cross section of Hamden residents expressed support for the fence citing concerns ranging from traffic calming to quality of life issues. The Woodin Street fence separates Hamden from New Haven along Woodin Street.

Former New Haven Mayor, John DeStefano pledged to maintain the fence. Current New Haven Mayor, Toni Harp referred to the fence as an “outrage” and a “public health and environmental hazard” in an August 8, 2012 New Haven Independent article where she supported taking down the fence.

“Without reservation, I will fight to maintain the Woodin Street fence. It is incumbent upon my Democrat opponent to take a stand on this issue. In Hamden, there is no other issue which has such overwhelming bi-partisan support,” Caplan said.

3/11/2014 – Executive Board

On Thursday March 6, 2014, the Hamden Republican Town Committee elected its Executive Board for the term of 2014-2016.

Matthew Corcoran was elected as Chairman.
Christine Esposito was elected as Vice-Chair.
Laura Santino was elected as Corresponding Secretary.
Holly Bryk was elected as Recording Secretary.
Len Caplan was elected as Treasurer.
Rosalie Cavanaugh was elected as Historian.

“I am honored by the selection and look forward to working with a great Executive Board and Town Committee,” Corcoran said.