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Trumbull CT– A new analysis of Connecticut’s pension fund, released last week by the Yankee Institute for Public Policy, reveals even more troubling news about the state of our state. Tim Herbst, Republican candidate for State Treasurer, made the following statement in response to the study:

“The truth is, Connecticut’s pension fund could be bankrupt by 2019 if Denise Nappier continues to mismanage things as she has for the last sixteen years,” said Herbst. “According to the study, Connecticut’s unfunded pension liability is just shy of $80 billion, not the $24.5 billion being touted by the incumbent.”

“This report calculates that every man, woman and child in Connecticut owes $27,668. These numbers should sound off warning bells that change is needed in Hartford, both in the State Treasurer’s office and Legislature,” said Herbst. “We need to stop kicking the can down the road and enact real reform to set the state on a path towards long term stability and prosperity.”

Brown Endorsed by CCDL

 Today the Connecticut Citizen’s Defense League released their slate of endorsed candidates in the 2014 election. James Brown, Candidate for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s Third District, earned the group’s endorsement over his opponent. Of their endorsed candidates, the CCDL said we feel these candidates will help steer Connecticut in the right direction.”

               Upon hearing this news, Brown said, “I am glad they have decided to support my candidacy. Law abiding citizens should be able to defend themselves in the manner that they choose. I fully support their efforts here in the state.”

GOP Caucus Reacts to Woodin Street Fence Announcement

On Monday, May 5, 2014, the Hamden Legislative Town Council opened its meeting to a full-house of residents upset over the New Haven Housing Authority’s decision to tear down the Woodin Street fence which sits along the Hamden-New Haven border.

The Hamden GOPs Legislative Council caucus addressed the concerns of the residents in attendance.

“Just like the residents, we Republicans were not notified of this situation until the very last minute. There was a definite lack of communication here on all parts. When something of this magnitude comes up, more information should have been provided to us and to the public. That did not occur,” said Austin T. Cesare (R-At Large) the Legislative Council Minority Leader.

Citizens showed up to the meeting in reaction to a letter sent by the Administration to the affected neighborhoods.

“This was a shock to the neighborhood which was taken totally taken by surprise. My phone has been ringing off the hook talking with upset constituents. I sympathize with them. They need and deserve an explanation and answers to their many questions including what happens when the fence comes down,” said Elizabeth Wetmore (R-At Large).

“We want people to be engaged in the community and in these circumstances they had no support from the Administration and no representation at the table when it really mattered. I certainly feel their frustration, especially the committed citizens who devoted hours to serving on a committee devoted to the Woodin Street fence who were left out of the process,” said Marjorie Bonadies (R-9).


Candidate in 94th district promises to bring ‘balance’ to Hamden, New Haven

“Len Caplan, the Republican nominee for the 94th District, says taxpayers in Hamden, who share the district with New Haven, have been poorly served in Hartford.

Caplan is running against five Democrats who are also seeking the seat to replace Gary Holder-Winfield in a special election Thursday.

 “I hope to bring some balance to the Connecticut General Assembly,” Caplan said in a statement. Democrats continue to hold the majority of seats in both the House and state Senate. “

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GOP Caucus Reacts to Mayor’s Proposed Budget

On Tuesday March 18, 2014, Hamden Mayor Scott D. Jackson presented his proposed budget for fiscal year 2014/2015 to the Legislative Town Council at the Memorial Town Hall to mixed reviews.

“I appreciate the Mayor’s effort to hold the line on spending. However, I am looking forward to carefully scrutinizing this budget for further areas of savings to avoid yet another tax increase on Hamden residents,” said Austin T. Cesare (R-At Large).

The Republican members of the Town Council were critical of the several new town job positions submitted in the proposed budget.

The proposed budget would add such new town positions as a Traffic Calming Specialist, a Program Specialist for Public Information and a new technology department headed by a Chief Information Officer.

“We are going to closely examine these new jobs during the budget process. Should the taxpayers really be asked to pay for a press secretary? We see no need to grow the town government, when we can’t afford the town government we already have.” said Marjorie Bonadies (R-9).

Betty Wetmore (R-At Large) was also critical of the proposed budget. “I’m not happy with all these new jobs.” Wetmore said.

“Any new positions will be carefully evaluated to determine if they are truly needed,” said Austin T. Cesare (R-At Large), the Council’s minority leader.