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Crisis on the Border is a Humanitarian Nightmare James Brown, candidate for Congress, calls for consistent enforcement of immigration laws

STRATFORD, CT, July 10, 2014 – There are thousands of immigrants overwhelming our nation’s southern border patrol stations throughout California, Arizona, and Texas. Men, women, and children attempting to come to the United States with hopes of a better life are being held in conditions of utter squalor. Stations meant to hold four hundred immigrants are swelling in some instances to hold two thousand people.

James Brown, candidate for Congress in Connecticut’s 3rd district, has lived and taught along the very border that the nation is focusing its attention on. Brown said on the matter, “as somebody who started his teaching career on the Texas-Mexico border, I have empathy for anybody who wants to build a better life for themselves in the United States.” Realizing that we cannot simply open our borders to all, Brown continued that, “we must have unilateral, consistently enforced rules and regulations that create an orderly flow of immigrants.” This country functions best when its laws are respected and enforced by all branches of government.

The current situation on the border is a humanitarian nightmare. It is the confluence of conflicting messages and lax enforcement of our immigration policies. We, as a nation, must stop the flow of illegal immigrants, not only for the sake of our country, but for the health and safety of those making these attempts. The humane thing to do in this nightmare is to convey loudly and clearly that it is extremely dangerous and ultimately futile to attempt to come to the United States illegally. This must begin by enforcing our current laws, and amending them when needed through a transparent, democratic process.

DeLauro Interjects Sexism into Supreme Court Ruling

review Congresswoman DeLauro Divides Public on Supreme Court Affordable Care Act Ruling
STRATFORD, July 1, 2014 – Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro brazenly interjected sexism and divisiveness in response to the Supreme Court ruling in the Burwell (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) v. Hobby Lobby case where the Supreme Court ruled that provisions of the Affordable Care Act cannot mandate employers to provide post-intercourse contraception if the organization has religious objections to providing those benefits. The ruling does suggest using the same alternate route that is now in place for employees of religious non-profits to access these contraceptives cost-free.

On her official Facebook page, Congresswoman DeLauro claimed that this was a serious step backwards for women’s health and will “negatively affect not just women, but their families.” The case is viewed as a victory for religious freedoms.   “She is at it again. It is depressingly obvious that Ms. DeLauro is more interested in playing radical partisan politics and promoting falsehoods than addressing the larger issue at hand with the Affordable Care Act and the overarching federal mandates that hurt working women and men across this country. I hope Ms. DeLauro will stop with the gender war and address the more significant issues at hand, which are the oppressive burdens being placed on American families and businesses from this disastrous healthcare policy. I hope that the Supreme Court will continue to adjudicate on the constitutionally questionable burdens instituted because of the Affordable Care Act,” said James Brown, candidate for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s Third Congressional District.   Yesterday’s ruling from the nation’s highest court establishes that provisions in the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, are unconstitutional and must be reconsidered, repealed and replaced with sounder private sector solutions that empower women in the workplace instead of having a selectively regulated government policy. “As your next Congressman, I pledge to push legislation that repeals and replaces Obamacare burdens that continue to hurt American workers and employers alike. I pledge to fight for everyone in our district: man or woman, employer or employee. We achieve more as a unified district, and I would hope our current Representative understands this,” added Brown.