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TRUMBULL, CT- Today, Tim Herbst, Republican candidate for State Treasurer, released his third advertisement of the general election, “Amok,” outlining how 16 years under Denise Nappier’s leadership has left the state’s finances in shambles.

Nappier has prioritized lining the pockets of her political allies over holding the bottom line on government spending and borrowing.

In 1998 it was Ms. Nappier’s campaign platform to fully fund the state pension system, which was then only funded at 58%. Sixteen years later, Connecticut has the second highest pension liability in the country at $80 billion, and the system funding has dropped to 38%.

Ms. Nappier has stood by and watched the unfunded liability grow while in office, only offering a “solution” of borrowing $2 billion in order to try and save the Teacher’s Retirement Fund.

There have been several other problems and embarrassing errors by Ms. Nappier in her management. Nappier has not only embarrassed Connecticut, but she has betrayed our trust.

A transcript of Herbst’s third general election ad is below.
“Bureaucrats run amok in the Treasurers office, Denise Nappier made back room deals to invest our state pensions with political contributors. Nappier mismanaged our money, exploded our debt and lost our trust. It’s time for a reformer, its time for Tim Herbst. ” (Narrator)

“Hi I’m Tim Herbst and I approve this message because I’ve balanced budgets and I won’t take a dime from the state pension system until we finally clean up the mess in Hartford. I hope to earn your trust, and your vote.” (Herbst)


Trumbull, CT- Today Tim Herbst received his first media endorsement of his campaign for the office of State Treasurer.

“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Norwich Bulletin,” said Herbst. “Our state is facing financial crisis and for sixteen years the incumbent has been a willing partner in our decline, I appreciate that the Norwich Bulletin agrees it’s time for a change.”

As stated by the Norwich Bulletin, “Herbst, three-term first selectman of Trumbull, has practical hands-on experience as a municipal leader, including a clear understanding of the financial management of taxpayers’ money, and as such, presents to voters a viable alternative to the status quo.”

The Bulletin continued, “…on fiscal policy, Connecticut is far from solid financial footing. The unfunded liabilities have grown under her watch.”

Herbst added, “‘Politics as usual’ has cost Connecticut too much. After sixteen years of Denise Nappier at the helm, Connecticut sits at the bottom, or next to the bottom, of nearly every financial ranking. The state has been saddled with the largest per capita debt in the country, as well as an $80 billion unfunded pension liability. The state is on the brink of financial collapse and the only aid that Denise Nappier has offered as the Chief Financial Officer is borrowing money – i.e. forcing the responsibility of solving these problems onto future generations of state residents.”

The Bulletin offered the following conclusion, “In politic, there are only two truisms: stay the course or time for a change. In terms of fiscal policy, it’s time for a change. And Timothy Herbst is the change that Connecticut needs right now.”

Herbst : It’s Been A Long Time.

Tuesday, State Treasurer Denise Nappier pulled out of the only scheduled debate she had with opponent Tim Herbst. Today Herbst is joined by a prominent member of the Connecticut General Assembly in stating that Denise Nappier has been M.I.A. on more than just this campaign cycle.

“As a long standing member of the legislature’s Finance Committee, I cannot recall the last time our committee heard from State Treasurer Denise Nappier in person,” said Deputy Minority Leader Vincent Candelora (R-North Branford).

“Years have gone by with several policy changes enacted, or more importantly, policies that should be introduced, without the state’s Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Nappier has stood silent when our state treasurer was needed most,” said Candelora. “In fact, when the state put our checkbook balance into the red by taking a phantom surplus to balance the budget, Ms. Nappier sat silently until after the damage was done.”

Deputy Minority Leader Vincent Candelora added, “In 2010, the General Assembly mandated that the State Treasurer’s Office provide monthly cash flow and borrowing reports to the public as a necessary step toward shedding light on the impact of financial policy decisions.”

“This law-enforced transparency gave legislators a very harsh reality check to Connecticut’s dire financial circumstances,” said Candelora. “The information contained in these reports help us do a better job supporting and serving families and businesses state wide.”

Tim Herbst said, “Connecticut families, pensioners and future generations are all depending on sound leadership from the Treasurer’s office to oversee and improve the state’s finances. Ms. Nappier’s absence is both unacceptable and disturbing. It is time to elect a State Treasurer who is willing to lead, advocate, and at the very least communicate with the public.”

Crime, Guns and Race: A public discussion

It’s about time we had that talk. Crime, Guns and Race: A public discussion with NRA Board Member Ken Blackwell, Prof. Nicholas Johnson, author of “Negroes and the Gun” , Garland Hunt, Governor Appointee to Georgia State Pardon and Paroles and many other speakers.

October 11th from 2pm – 5pm at the Mark Twain Museum in Hartford, CT tickets are $20

Regina V Roundtree, founder of CT Black Republicans and Conservatives (CBRAC) and President of the new CT chapter of The Frederick Douglass Foundation (CTFDF), announced today that Ken Blackwell, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Rifle Association, Prof Nicholas Johnson, author of Negroes and the
Gun along with Garland Hunt, Dean Nelson, Sonnie Johnson and Wayne Dupree will be panelists at a public forum in Hartford at the Mark Twain Museum.

“CBRAC was started for the purpose of building bridges and creating space for honest dialog and action to strengthen urban communities. Rarely has an opportunity presented itself in the urban community in which those who support the second amendment have had the opportunity publicly to paint a different picture than that occasionally presented by the media,” said Regina Roundtree, “The misimpression is that people who live in areas with consistent high gun violence and high crime rates cannot or should not exercise their right to protect themselves.”

The forum will consist of two panels. The first panel, moderated by Ms. Roundtree, will discuss the intersections of criminal justice, race, second amendment rights and the history of guns in the black community.

The second panel, moderated by Richard Ivory of, will discuss the use of social media and messaging in politics, as well as black conservatism. Both panels will be open to questions and answers from the public.

Further Information and tickets for both events can be found at or All are welcome.

Both events are open to the press. Bios for the speakers can be found at

contact:  CBRAC Pres., Regina Roundtree at or 860-593-8483.


Misoprostol online without prescription TRUMBULL, CT– Today, Tim Herbst, Republican candidate for State Treasurer, released his second advertisement of the general election, “Embarrassment,” highlighting the more stark blemishes on Denise Nappier’s 16 year record as Connecticut’s State Treasurer.

Under Nappier’s watch, Connecticut now stands at the bottom, or next to the bottom, of every national financial ranking.

While touting herself as an advocate for transparency and honest governing, Denise Nappier has continued to invest taxpayer money with a firm, despite their troubled track record. This firm was saddled with a $150 million fine to settle SEC fraud charges as a central player to the scandal that put Nappier’s predecessor behind bars. Also, the principal owner is a friend and political ally of Nappier and has given more than $500,000 to numerous democrat candidates and causes, including Connecticut’s entire sitting congressional delegation.

Her investment choices have contributed to the state’s pension funds being massively underfunded. Ms. Nappier has stood by and watched the unfunded liability grow while in office, only offering a “solution” of borrowing $2 billion in order to try and save the Teacher’s Retirement Fund.

There have been several other problems and embarrassing errors by Ms. Nappier in her management. Nappier has not only embarrassed Connecticut, but she has betrayed our trust.

A transcript of Herbst’s second general election ad is below and it can be viewed on YouTube using the following link:

“Connecticut’s finances have never been worse, our Treasurer Denise Nappier cut back-room deals to invest our money with her friends and big political donors.

For 16 years, Nappier has lost millions of our tax dollars, bankrupt our pension system, and heaped $2 billion more in debt on our children due to her financial mismanagement.

Denise Nappier didn’t just fail as our state treasurer, she embarrassed Connecticut and betrayed our trust.”

Bipartisan Criticism Over Nappier’s Management

where to purchase Pregabalin TRUMBULL, CT– One thing Democrats and Republicans in Connecticut seem to agree on is the question as to whether State Treasurer Denise Nappier deserves another four years in office. Recently two well known political operatives representing both political parties openly criticized Ms. Nappier’s campaign as well as her management of the State Treasury.

In reference to Ms. Nappier’s hour-long Hartford Courant editorial board meeting (which can be found through this link) former Republican Party Chairman Chris Healy said the following:

“Nappier was, to be charitable, dazed and confused and there is no hiding the fact that the person in charge of managing $26 billion in assets, protecting the state’s credit rating and hedging against potential losses in the market, is completely disconnected from reality.” from Chris Healy at the Healy Strategy.

And Patrick Scully, a well known and respected Democrat operative said the following regarding Ms. Nappier’s campaign and track record as Treasurer:

“The bigger question is whether Nappier is avoiding the media so as not to turn her campaign into a train wreck. Her erratic management style is well known at the state Capitol—strange work hours, outbursts at employees and rambling speeches when she does speak.” from Patrick Scully at the Hanging Shad.

News outlets and political bloggers have been giving attention to the Treasurer’s Race, despite Nappier’s refusal to engage the media.

NBC Connecticut even made a trip to her office in an attempt to give her an opportunity to respond to questions about her record but when they arrived at the Treasury’s doorstep they were told “She’s out of state.”

“This has been a one-sided campaign because Ms. Nappier has refused to address her failed record or offer any ideas as to how she plans to right the wrongs both she and Governor Malloy have caused,” said Herbst. “Connecticut voters deserve answers and if the media can’t get them, and if Ms. Nappier refuses to join me in an open dialogue, I welcome others joining the conversation to shed light on the critical issues we need to tackle in this campaign.”

Tim Herbst : Clear and Transparent Danger

TRUMBULL, CT- Today Tim Herbst’s campaign for State Treasurer filed an FOI complaint against State Treasurer Denise Nappier’s office. The complaint comes after thirty days of having not received the publicly available information requested. The campaign requested email communications to and from Denise Nappier’s address during specific periods of time.

The requested time periods are as follows

· November 2012-May 2013

· November 2013-May 2014.

· February 2011-March 2011

· September-October 2011

“Denise Nappier claimed in a recent Hartford Courant Editorial Board meeting that her office is open and transparent,” said JR Romano, spokesman for the Herbst campaign. “It would appear however, that Ms. Nappier is anything but open and transparent.”

“This is not a complicated request for the Treasurer’s office to fulfill in a timely manner,” said Romano. “We’ve spoken with the FOI Commission as well as IT professionals and all have agreed that 30 days is more than enough time to fulfill our request.”

“What’s most troubling is that this further establishes a pattern of behavior from Ms. Nappier,” said Romano. “She has been avoiding public appearances, ducking debates, ignoring the media and now she’s failing to respond to freedom of information requests. When will Ms. Nappier stop hiding and start taking responsibility?”

Brown Launches First Web Video – “Priorities”

STRATFORD, CT – James Brown for Congress is happy to announce the release of our first web video, titled “Priorities.”

“This video shows people what Rosa DeLauro has been focused on while the U.S. and the world have problem after problem. Our border remains unsecure and the Affordable Care Act continues to reduce health care choices, while our opponent is determined to tax sugary beverages,” said Michael Swetz, Campaign Manager for James Brown.

“The video is the first step in the campaign’s effort to educate voters about where Congresswoman DeLauro has focused her attention during her time in Washington. Instead of dealing with the issues facing the people of the Third District, she recycles the same inaccurate talking points Democrats are fixated on. Connecticut is still recovering from the deepest recession in decades, and Ms. DeLauro chooses to raise the grocery bills of her constituents.

It is time for change in Washington. If the Congresswoman could not accomplish what she wanted to do in twenty-four years, her time has come. New ideas and new faces, like James, are needed to move our country in a more prosperous, productive direction.”


Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964

James Brown, candidate for Congress, reflects on the lessons provided in this historic legislation.
STRATFORD, CT – July 2, 2014. A half century ago, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law and helped culminate decades long struggle fighting for equality, liberty and opportunity before the law.

“Today is a true testament of the greatness our nation can achieve as a united community with the passage of a bipartisan bill signed into law by President Lyndon B. Johnson 50 years ago. We can overcome the troubles of our past and our challenges today if we work together to ensure freedoms for all Americans. ” said James Brown, candidate for U.S. Congress in Connecticut’s Third Congressional District.

“Today is a day for honoring the heroic sacrifices made by many Americans to take a stand against racism, sexism and other bigotry, and to remove those prejudices from our public institutions. I am proud that Republican leadership played a pivotal role in the legislations passage. Then Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen and Congressman Bill McCulloch, who steered the legislation through the House’s Judiciary Committee, for not only have kept this bill alive, but delivered bipartisan support and passed the bill and brought it before President Johnson’s desk. It was by no mistake that the two pens President Johnson used to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law went to Senator Dirksen and Congressman McCulloch. As Connecticut residents, we can all take pride that all six of our bipartisan members of Congress also voted in favor of this very important and historic bill,” added Brown.

Brown reflected on the importance of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, “when remembering today, this should give us hope and inspiration to finish the work this historic legislation has provided to continue the fight for liberty and prosperity for every American. We have much work to do, and together we can secure a brighter future for our country.”