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It’s not too late to register to vote in the primary

Did you know? It’s not too late for unaffiliated voters to register to vote in our Republican primary!
Registration updates by mail are accepted until April 21st, or in person until noon on April 25th at your local town hall.


Registering is EASY! Call your local Registrar of Voters for more information or visit:

Holly Bryk    Hamden RTC Chair

Tonight : Bob Anthony Pasta Dinner

Please come  tonight to the fundraiser for Bob Anthony’s mayoral election at the Dunbar Hill, Fire Station 8, 420 Dunbar Hill road, Hamden

Starts at 5:30.

Enjoy great food, have an opportunity to meet Bob, and hear about his plan to make Hamden a great town. Tickets will sell for $10.00 per person at the door.

Bob Anthony announces Mayoral Run

On April 9th Bob announced he would be running for Mayor of Hamden.

“We all know the issues at hand facing us as taxpayers — rising taxes, heavy debt, education and crime, and the harder it has become to sell one’s home. Those are all impacting us as taxpayers. There are solutions to these problems — holding down spending, reviewing all purchase orders … consolidation through attrition. We need better oversight on capital improvements, making sure that town-owned property such as the Laurel View Country Club are generating revenue for the town and that they don’t sit idle,It won’t be easy, but with your help and the help of the Legislative Council we can lower our debt, make our neighborhoods safer. … Together we can get it done.”


Hamden Sample Ballots and Polling Locations

Find your district and polling place

Districts 5, 6, 8-01

Districts 5, 6, 8-01

5th District : Board of Education Building, 60 Putnam Avenue

6th District : Ridge Hill School, 120 Carew Road

8th District : Bear Path School, 10 Kirk Road

Districts 1, 4, 9

Districts 1, 4, 9, 10
1st District: Miller Library, 2901 Dixwell  Avenue

4th District : Spring Glen School, 1908 Whitney Avenue

9th District :  West Woods School – Cafeteria, 350 West Todd Street

Districts 5-01, 7, 8

5th District : Board of Education Building, 60 Putnam Avenue

7th District : Dunbar Hill School,  315 Lane Street (Corner of Benham  and Lane)

8th District : Bear Path School, 10 Kirk Road

Districts 2, 3

2nd District: Helen Street School, 285 Helen  Street (Handicapped parking  off  Gorham)

3rd District : Keefe  Community Center – George St. Entrance, 11 Pine Street (Corner of Dixwell  and Pine)