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Hamden Sample Ballots and Polling Locations

Find your district and polling place

Districts 5, 6, 8-01

Districts 5, 6, 8-01

5th District : Board of Education Building, 60 Putnam Avenue

6th District : Ridge Hill School, 120 Carew Road

8th District : Bear Path School, 10 Kirk Road

Districts 1, 4, 9

Districts 1, 4, 9, 10
1st District: Miller Library, 2901 Dixwell  Avenue

4th District : Spring Glen School, 1908 Whitney Avenue

9th District :  West Woods School – Cafeteria, 350 West Todd Street

Districts 5-01, 7, 8

5th District : Board of Education Building, 60 Putnam Avenue

7th District : Dunbar Hill School,  315 Lane Street (Corner of Benham  and Lane)

8th District : Bear Path School, 10 Kirk Road

Districts 2, 3

2nd District: Helen Street School, 285 Helen  Street (Handicapped parking  off  Gorham)

3rd District : Keefe  Community Center – George St. Entrance, 11 Pine Street (Corner of Dixwell  and Pine)


Trumbull, CT– Yesterday, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was sent to the Office of the State Treasurer with regards to their most recent CHET digital advertising campaign.

“We are trying to figure out who Denise Nappier and the State Treasurer’s office are targeting with their CHET digital advertising and where these advertisements are directing people,” said JR Romano, spokesman for Tim Herbst’s campaign.

“Several years ago the state passed very specific guidelines on how elected officials are allowed to promote programs under their purview. While the law is specific to printed material and TV, in the ever-changing media environment, voters have a right to know whether state resources intended to promote programs are being used for that purpose,” added Romano.

“CHET is a terrific program for Connecticut families, but shouldn’t be used as a promotional tool during an election year,” Romano concluded.
Below is a copy of the FOI Request made of the Treasurer’s Office:


­­August 18, 2014

The Honorable Denise Nappier

Office of the State Treasurer

55 Elm Street

Hartford, Connecticut 06106


Dear Ms. Nappier:

Pursuant to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as prescribed by the Connecticut General Statutes, I am respectfully requesting copies of the following documents for the year 2014 or the most recent CHET advertising campaign:

  • Please provide a copy of contracts and overall planning documents for digital advertising in regard to the CHET program;
  • Overall digital advertising budget for 2014 and 2013;
  • Please provide a copy of the last Request for Proposals (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ) that your office made for digital marketing services, along with a copy of those proposals and applications;
  • Please provide all target criteria for digital marketing i.e. cookie targeting, keyword search targets and websites targeted for advertisements;
  • Please provide all e-mail communications between the with the Treasurer’s Office and the selected digital marketing vendor as well as all e-mail communications pertaining to the planning, budgeting, targeting and digital advertising process, which should include e-mails pertaining to the selection of a vendor.

Please contact me at 203-906-7607 or email at to arrange for payment of any fees associated with this FOIA request.



JR Romano ­